The wide range of KINGgates systems includes receivers and remote controls with rolling code, fixed code and copy function to facilitate use in both residential and institutional applications.

Model No. : STYLO 4K

Radiotransmitter Rolling code 433.92 MHz

Inspired by the automobile sector, Stylo 4K is a tough radio remote control with a high-impact appearance, thanks to its chromed metal structure.
Available in white and black version.

Model No. : STYLO 2K

Radiotransmitter Rolling code 433.92 MHz

Stylo 2K is a two-channel 433.92 MHz Rolling code radio remote control. The sophisticated all-black design with alternating glossy and matt surfaces
make it an elegant innovative object.

Model No. : MYO

Radiotransmitter with copy function Rolling code 433.92 MHz

Myo C4 is a four-channel 433.92 MHz radio remote control with copy function. This technology allows the majority of fixed code transmitters present on the market to be replaced with a quick easy procedure.

Myo guarantees maximum safety by using rolling codes technology when combined with KINGgates control units and Fred Myo2 outdoor receiver.

Model No. : DIGY PAD

Back-lighted keypad Rolling code 433.92 MHz

Digy Pad is KINGgates’s new numeric radio keyboard, that allows you to control up to 3 automations with its safe rolling code technology.

Model No. : NOVO DIGY

Numeric combination keypad Rolling code 433.92 MHz

Novo digy is the KINGgates numeric combination keypad via radio that can control up to 3 automations with a security code and also has a direct channel without numeric code combination.

Novo digy is programmed as a simple remote control and provides maximum security through the master code that can be changed or deleted only by the installer.

Model No. : RADIO RECEIVERS 433.92 MHZ

Radio receivers 433.92 MHz

KINGgates produces a wide range of radio receivers: fixed code, rolling code and with customisable output contacts.

Model No. : NOVO CLICK

Key selector

Novo click is the KINGgates wall mounted key switch.

Novo click is built with miniaturised pre-wired microswitches and is fitted with an anti-vandal system with customised key.

Novo click is designed to combine an original appearance and ease of use. Unlike the usual key selectors which require time and special tools to connect the faston microswitch terminals, Novo click is fitted with a pre-wired terminal for quick connection to the control board Shock resistant and designed for either vertical or horizontal installation, like all products
in the Novo line it can be installed in the 503 recessed box.


Wired control devices


Model No. : VIKY

Outdoor photocells

Complete range of battery-powered relay photocells with beam angle adjustment.


Wall mounted flashing light

Novo led plus is KINGgates’ NOVO line wall flashing light programmable from KINGgates control units.

It can be powered in a “oscillating” or “continuous” mode so that it can be used as a flashing light or courtesy light.

The Led technology guarantees intensity, low consumption and long life. It can be installed vertically or horizontally, Novo led plus is the ideal flashing light for garage door and residential gate use. The compact size and the metal case protection make this original product perfect for all environments.

Like all Novo product line you can install Novo led plus with the recess box 503. Practical and original is the direct installation on the overhead door frame. The metal cover makes a shock-resistant product, while the integrated aerial avoids vandalism and enhances the radio transmitter range.

Model No. : NOVO PH

Rotating photocells

Novo ph 180 is the KINGgates photocell with protective metal case.

Novo ph 180 is the infrared photocell with great performance with a range in open space of 30 meters and up to 15 meters in critical weather conditions.

It is adjustable in 3 positions (0°-90°-180°), easy to install in all environments. Thanks to metallic alloy case Novo ph is a robust and shock-resistant photocell, integrates with all the Novo accessory line and ensures the security of all automated paths through a sober and original way.

The size and the metal case protection of the Novo accessories make the photocell Novo ph 180 a solid and professional product.

Like all the Novo product line you can install Novo light with the recess box 503.

Model No. : IDEA

Flashing light with built-in aerial and LED

Available in orange and white and also with multi-voltage LED board and integrated flashing control electronics.

All versions have a 433.92 MHz tuned aerial protected in a resistant shockproof polycarbonate box. The new LED circuit board guarantees low energy consumption.

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