Motorised Gates

"Designed in Germany, Manufactured in India"

Since the foundation of our company in 2017, we focus on developing high-quality sliding door install­ations. SECURE sliding gates are available in the following lines: Industrial Gates, Standard Gates and Residential Gates. They are the result of continuously enhanced technology. Benefit from our extensive experience in meeting special technical challenges such as custom-made sliding gates.

Automatic Sliding Gates

SECURE Industrial sliding gates can be deployed in all kinds of demanding industries. Beyond the robust product design in form of a welded steel construction, every SECURE sliding gate is driven by a powerful AC / DC Italian Make motor, installed near the lower beam. This set-up protects the gate from external influences such as weather or vandalism. Once an SECURE sliding gate has been correctly installed at its destination, there are no high follow-up costs to be expected. The drive is integrated near the lower beam which makes it extremely low-maintenance. The extensive performance reserves ensure reliable operation, even during short opening and closing cycles. In addition, we offer a variety of extra equipment which allows you to customize your sliding gate, both technically and visually.

Automatic Telescopic Gates

The design of the telescopic sliding gate is based on the reliable SECURE Industrial sliding gate. This gate is made up of three leaves that slide in a staggered format. It is ideal in driveways, where the run back is very restricted, and a maximum clear opening must be achieved.

In some car and truck entrances, the local conditions require an ingenious solution. Wherever space is limited but a wide entrance is needed, the telescopic sliding gate is the perfect choice.

Using three telescopic leaves reduces the required run back: The middle leaf is stacked between the two outer leaves which run parallel to one another. This can reduce the run back by up to 30 %, compared to a single leaf gate. Like all SECURE sliding gates, the telescopic sliding gate reaches an operating speed of up to 25 cm/s.

Automatic Cantilever Gates

A cantilevered gate consists of a single leaf which opens and closes horizontally to the side of your entrance, powered by a motor. The gate is suspended above the driveway using a counterbalance.

To create the cantilever, a concrete pad needs to be built at the opening side of the gate, on to which roller carriages are bolted. The gate itself needs to be wider than a standard sliding gate to provide the weighted counterbalance that is required to suspend the gate.

With no rollers or wheels touching the ground, a cantilever gate is a much quieter alternative to a slider. It can also be purposed on uneven surfaces such as gravel and on sloping driveways where any other gate type is impossible.

Automatic Swing Gates

Each SECURE swing gate is customised and individually produced according to customer requirements. Therefore, it does not only stand for durability but also for maximum flexibility among the different lines of SECURE Swing Gates.

With virtually unlimited design possibilities, the SECURE swing gate fits seamlessly into any environment. With an extensive range of equipment and accessory options (e. g. the reach-through protection), the swing gate is extremely popular to use on industrial sites, commercial sites and in residential areas with high safety requirements. Especially in the (high-) security sector, it can serve as the ideal base for a monitoring system with lots of possibilities for an optimum embedding.

Automatic Folding Gates

Bi-folding gate with width from 3 to 9 meter. The standard height is 1.5 or 2.5 meters, height from 1.5 to 4 meters. Automatic bi-folding gate is driven by the KING Gates- Italy motor. The gate control unit is a microprocessor. The standard equipment of the gate is a full set of safety bars that eliminate the risk of crushing.
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